Around the turn of the Millennium I was a councillor on Box Parish Council and
oversaw the implementation of computerisation of the office of the parish clerk. 

Out went the 'sit up and beg' typewriter, in the bin went the 'Tippex' and a desktop personal computer was installed and we connected to the internet.

Through an acquaintance of mine I obtained the domain name of www.boxparish.org.uk.  This domain is REGISTERED in the name of the clerk to Box Parish Council.  The email address of mailbox@boxparish.org.uk goes with it.  So they retain control over both.

I offered to create a website with a view to publishing the business of the parish council for parishioners (and by default - the whole world) to view.  I was delegated by the council to retain full editorial rights which I continue to exercise to this day.

                  This website is the only official on-line publication of Box Parish Council.

Initially this meant details of councillors, committees, agendas, minutes etc. and also details of the cemetery and other council services.

However, in view of the fact that Box possesses a good community spirit, I decided to expand the website to include other subjects that I believed would benefit residents and others alike.

The website grew and grew to the wide-ranging entity you see today.  Many people have assisted me in the content of the various pages and I frequently receive input from parishioners who ask me to put new information on the site as well as make changes to the existing content.

This website still contains a great deal of information about the parish council which is to be found in its own section.  This information is forwarded to me by the council clerk. I accept this information 'as is' and it gets published without change or comment by me.

As editor I refuse to allow anything controversial. The same goes with any commercial content.  I make exception for such things as 'B & B' businesses and 'playgroups' as I believe they are a vital part of our community.  This does NOT imply any recommendation or otherwise by the Council.

Neither do I permit cross-references to social networks.

I don't think there has been any real problem with this policy for the last 13 years.

I am always willing to listen to new ideas and constructive suggestions about the 'community' parts of the website and this can be done via the 'CONTACT US' page (see the main menu).  Matters for the council section must be directed to the clerk.

Please understand that I provide this service on a voluntary (free) basis, subject to my availability.  Despite that, most updates are usually made within hours of my receiving them.



Mike Lyons, website editor.

April 2017