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Welcome to our newsletter giving news from Box Parish Council for the month of . . .


Highway Issues Cllr Hill presented his report on the issues raised at the Corsham Area Transport Group. 

        Speed on Lower Kingsdown Road:  Proposal from Wiltshire Council to erect signs at either end of the Lower Kingsdown Road at a cost of 1000, with a 25% contribution of 250 from the Parish Council was accepted at Full Council.

        Metrocount A365:  Clerk to ask for a metro-count to be carried out on the A365 approaching Box just after the entrance to The Ley

        Road markings at top of A4 Box Hill; Letter from Wiltshire Council stated that the current markings are acceptable.

Bees in Bowling Green The bowling club informed us that there are mining bees nesting in the sides of the Bowling Green.   The Clerk had taken advice from the Bowling Green Contractor; Wiltshire Council Pest Control Officer and the local Bee Keeping Society, none of which could offer any help with the situation.  Cllr Whitford (a bee keeper of long standing) has agreed to look at this and report back to the Council.    

Replacement Bridge in the Lovar Garden  We are aware that residents would like to have the bridge replaced.  The parish council are looking into the cost and design of a new bridge.  Once the cost is received it will be discussed at Full Council in the hope that monies can be sought when we set the precept for the new financial year.

Electoral Review of Wiltshire Council  It was agreed that we would re-look at this before sending in our comments which have to be submitted to Wiltshire Council, before the end of November. 

Neighbourhood Plan Public meetingIt has been agreed that we will hold a public meeting on Monday 26th November 2018 at the Pavilion. 7.30 p.m.  The meeting is to inform residents of the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan. 

Cars Parking on Pavements  Several residents have written to us with concerns about cars parking on pavements and blocking it for walkers.   The Parish Council would like to remind drivers that although it is not illegal (outside of London) to park partially on a pavement, drivers should be considerate to residents,  making sure there is enough space for people with pushchairs, wheelchairs etc and not to completely block the path.

Co-option  We had two applicants for the vacancy for Box Ward and following a secret ballot Mr Nick Botterill was elected.  We look forward to welcoming him to our meeting next month.

Resignation  We are sorry to announce that Cllrs Stewart Barnes andRebecca Richards have resigned.   They were both valued members of the Parish Council, Stewart a councillor for 8 years and Chairman of the Council for 2 years and Rebecca a councillor for 4 years and Chairman of the Playing Field Management Committee.  We all wish them well for the future and thank them for their hard work and input whilst on the Council.

Sheila Parker

On behalf of the Parish Council