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Welcome to our newsletter giving news from Box Parish Council for the month of . . .


Rudloe Steering Group.  Cllrs. Moore, Davies and Tye will be representing the parish council on the steering group which Greensquare is organising.  They will be working with residents in Rudloe and Greensquare to discuss the future of the community hall, play area and parking.

Replacement Seats.  Our thanks to Barry Sims for installing the new seat in the bus shelter by The Bassets, before leaving the PC.

The seat by Bargates, which was damaged earlier in the summer, has been replaced and is already being used.

Lovar Garden Steps.  The quote for the work on the steps was accepted at the last full council and by the time you read this, the work may have started.  They will also be replacing the handrail on the slope going down to the garden path.

Lost Property.  We have a collection of items that have been left in the Pavilion.  If you have lost any items of clothing etc. could you please contact the clerk or the chairman Cllr. Pete Van Pragg. Any items not collected by the end of October will be removed.

Blind House Update.  As soon as we hear from the Secretary of State, work to repair the pillar will start.

Professional Dog Walks.  We have received a request from local farmers, asking us to remind professional dog walkers, that they should only be using the correct footpaths on the definitive map and not allow the dogs to run all over the farmers’ fields and woods.  Please respect their property, as dogs running about can distress any animals in the fields.  If it persists we will be calling in the dog warden.

The Hermitage Wall. Over the past months, several residents have asked why we have not done anything to repair the fallen wall.  The wall does not come under the control of the parish council, so there was nothing we could do to get it re-built.    The owners have been working with Heritage England, the Listed Buildings officer at WC and Highways to agree on the best way to repair this listed wall.   We have supported the owner’s application for re-building it, they are now waiting for WC’s planning department to approve it, before the re-build can start.

Actions.  To help us record issues raised we have produced a chart for each committee.  This will help us keep track of any outstanding works, it records the work, start/end date and person responsible for it.

Mystery; Can you help?  Over the years, the fence at the top of the field by the cemetary, is cut and the barbed wire rolled up.  If you know who is doing it, could you please let the clerk or me know.  This field is rented out for livestock.

Sheila Parker

On behalf of the Parish Council