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Welcome to our newsletter giving news from Box Parish Council for the month of . . .


The May meeting is the start of the new council year, with the re-election of the Council Chairman, Vice Chairman and appointing members to the various committees.  I was delighted to be re-elected as Chairman, and Jackie Cox is the Vice Chairman.

Co-option:  At our last full council meeting we had two applicants for the casual vacancy left by the resignation of Pete Van Praag, and after a secret ballot Anna Woollard was voted onto the Parish Council

Resignation.  Sadly Alan Clench has decided to resign after serving 11 years as a councillor.  His input and help will be missed.  We all wish him well for the future.  This means that there is another vacancy and the necessary posters have been displayed.

Combining committees.   After discussion it was agreed to merge the Pavilion meeting with the Playing Field, this means that all items to do with buildings, equipment on and around the recreation ground will be covered by one committee instead of two.

Playing fields committee.The recommendation for supplying electricity to the tractor shed was approved, and we are waiting for a start date from SSE. 

A Survey for the trees has been carried out and we have been advised of some trees that need attention in the next few years.  One tree needs to be felled this year, and we are getting quotes for it to be done.

Some of the equipment in the under 7’s will be repainted/stained in the autumn.  It was agreed to replace the rocking horse with a see-saw.

Survey on Bridge in the Lovar Garden.The survey is in our Spring Newsletter, which you should have received by now.  If you have not done so, could you please complete the survey and return it as soon as possible.  There are boxes in the Pharmacy, Post Office, the Parish Council offices, Quarryman’s Arms and 8 Kidston Way, Rudloe.

Speed of traffic on A4.  A meeting was held with Kate Davey from Wiltshire council, to discuss solutions to reduce speed outside of the school.  She told us that we could not have flashing lights as we have a pedestrian crossing, and due to good visibility and 30mph signs, it would not be appropriate to have 20 mph limits.  She suggested that the Speed Watch Group and police could work with the school.

Speed of traffic entering the Market Place.  Reminder to all drivers using this road to please slow down when coming off the A4, especially at school times dropping off/picking up your children.  Please also have consideration for the residents who live there and other road users.

Road Closure, the temporary Road closure of Boxhill Common for the Pig and Jig event has been approved.  Signs will be erected, giving people plenty of warning about the closure.

School Crossing Person.  The school are still looking for someone to take over as the school lollipop person, if you are interested and would like more details please contact the school.

Hot Air Balloons.Sadly this had to be cancelled due to high winds, but the weather did not impact another wonderful Revels event on the Monday.


Sheila Parker
On behalf of the Parish Council