This page also appears in the  parish magazine published monthly -  but the version you see below may be more up-to-date and/or edited in some way

Welcome to our newsletter giving news from Box Parish Council for the month of . . .


Annual Parish Meeting.  The meeting in April was well attended and we hope everyone liked the new format.  We would like to thank the groups who came along to talk/show people what their club does.

White Railings.  I hope you will all agree that the newly painted railings look very good, ours thanks go to thank Cllr. Tye, Smith and Evans for painting them, and to Cllr. Whitford for providing the coffee. 

Best Kept Village.  The judging for the best kept village starts shortly, and we should know by July/Aug if we have won.  All of our flower boarders and tubs will soon be full with flowers which hopefully and the bench in the pound has been repainted/oiled.

Combining meetings.  After a discussion it was agreed to merge the Pavilion meeting with the Playing fields meeting.  This will reduce the number of committees but not the number of hours for discussing issues.

Neighbourhood Plan.  The steering group are meeting monthly and they hope to have the first survey out shortly, the application for funding is now open which means we can apply for a grant for the next stage in the process.  Members of the steering group have a stall at the Revels if you would like to know more pop along and see them.  They also have their own Face book page.

Natural Burial Ground at Leafy Lane Woods:

Several councillors and residents went to the presentation to learn what was proposed for the woods. 

Cllr Davies and Cllr Whitford reported on the consultation meeting held on 23rd April outlying the proposals to use part of the land as a Natural Burial Ground.

Pavilion.We have done several jobs to improve the security to the pavilion, we have replaced the stolen lead flashing with Leadax flashing, installed PIR downlights and painted the edges of the steps with white reflective paint.

Speed of traffic on Boxhills/boxfields/Quarry Hill.  Residents from Quarry Hill came to the meeting to tell us about their concerns of the amount of traffic and their speed on these roads.  The first thing we are doing it to request a metro count.

Hot Air Balloons.  We hope you all enjoyed the hot air balloons that took off from the recreation ground on May 25ths  We were happy to give permission for this to happen, and hope it was not too windy so they could take off.

CIL Money.  We have received CIL money from the development at Hawthorn, it was agreed that some of the money will be used to clean and decorate the play-ground at Rudloe.  We hope the work will start next month (June)

Summer Newsletter.  This will be dropping through your letter boxes at the end of June beginning of July, please do fill out the survey regarding the replacement of the bridge in the Lovar Garden.  Details of where it can be returned will be on the form.   The newsletter will also be on the website.

Sheila Parker
On behalf of the Parish Council