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Welcome to our newsletter giving news from Box Parish Council for the month of . . .


Before the formal business of our December meeting, we had a small get together with the staff.  This year we thanked Mike Lyons for running the Parish Web site, and presented a small gift to him from the Parish Council.  After the presentation to Mike Lyons the Council also thanked Alan and Carol Payne and Sheelagh and Lucy Jones for the wonder Poppy display around the village to mark Remembrance Day.  They were presented with a token gift in appreciation.

Budget.  The budget for the coming financial year 2019/20 was presented to the councillors, and after discussion, it was approved, with two abstentions.  This is the first time in 4 years that we have increased the precept - a full business plan will be in the next quarterly newsletter and on the website.   A brief list of some of the work we are planning to do:- 

1.      1.  Installing a car parking area on Box Hill Common.

2.      2.   Completing the driveway around the chapel with resin gravel.  This will hopefully reduce
         the potholes. 

3.      3.  Replacing the sceptic tank with one that complies with current regulations.

4.      4.  Obtaining quotations for an electricity supply to the Tractor Shed

5.      5.  Upgrading the Kawasaki Mule

Adoption of Changes.

Pavilion.  The new proposed charges were agreed, there will be a small increase for some users and a reduction for others. 

Cemetery.   The increase of 2% from the 1st April 2019 was agreed.

Co-option.  We received 4 applications for the two vacancies and after a secret ballot, Diane Evans and Rebecca Smith were co-opted onto the council.  We look forward to them joining us.

Car Park next to Recreation Ground.   We would like to remind residents that this car park is for users of the recreation ground, Selwyn Hall and other village facilities and not for SORN vehicles to be left there.   If you are the owner of one of the 4 cars left in the carpark or know who put them there, can you please remove them?I understand that one will be removed shortly and hope the others will be gone soon.    Vehicles should not be parked there indefinitely, even if they are not SORN.

BoxHill Common/Lacywood Boxhill Common Committee are responsible for the upkeep of the Common and Lacy wood both of which are owned by the Parish Council.  They do have a programme of works for both areas, and will be organising working parties to do some of the work.  These will be advertised, and volunteers are welcome to join us.  Please do not to do any work in these areas, without the permission of the Parish Council, as it interferes with the work programme for our employees and any contractors we have employed.   This also applies to any other areas of the parish that the council is responsible for.  If you notice anything that needs doing please let Margaret Carey know.  

Sheila Parker

On behalf of the Parish Council