" Just a few examples of where
your money goes ..."
a series of articles explaining how and where
some of the money you pay to the
parish precept is spent...
Many of you may not know that the viewing
platform (photos) which is situated on the London Road adjacent to the railway line on the South-Eastern corner is owned by Box Parish Council. 

It was funded by donations and was built to enable people to safely gaze at the wonder of Brunel's western portal of the G.W.R. Box railway tunnel.

However, whilst the initial cost to the ratepayer was 'nil' it did mean that the parish council was liable for its maintenance and upkeep.  The past few winters have not been kind to the walls, as anyone with buildings of local stone will know.
So it will come as no surprise that some of the stone, especially the parapet, has crumbled.

Apart from being ugly, it may have caused a safety hazard.  If left unchecked, the situation would have got worse and ultimately more expensive to repair.  So the council recently employed a local stonemason to repair it.