ELECTRIFICATION of the railway through Box

The latest newsletter has been received from N.R.

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Whilst Network Rail have not yet clarified their intentions in respect of forthcoming works to the bridge parapet, you may be aware that there is  currently an online petition to save the view of the Box and Middlehill tunnel portals from the overbridge. I understand that there are now over 1100 signatures, mainly from residents of Box and the adjacent area. I’m sure there will be other residents who would want to try and save this important component of Box’s historic environment.

The petition is at  https://www.change.org/p/networkrail-keep-the-iconic-view-of-box-tunnel .

Kind regards, Jonathan Parkhouse. Box

16th March 2016
For the latest on work on the tracks in our area click HERE > http://www.networkrail.co.uk/great-western-route-modernisation/banes/

Foundation installation by nature is a noisy activity however it depends on distance from piling location. We also make every effort to minimise any unnecessary or avoidable noise. There will be deliveries and plant movements along with illumination of site for night time working.

Our work in your area will begin with shifts on the 19th and 26th of March and then further work is scheduled on the 16th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st of April. Further piling activities will then continue throughout the rest of the year. Please rest assured that this work will only take place intermittently throughout 2016 and our website which is updated every week provides specific information along with a detailed look ahead for the coming weeks. For these more specific updates please visit the website at the following address:


·         Mid-week night shifts will be undertaken from 23:30hrs to 05:30hrs (Monday to Friday)

·         Weekend night shifts will be undertaken from 23:30hrs on Saturdays to 07:30hrs on Sundays

For an explanation of the pile driving that might keep you awake at night click < HERE >

4th February 2016
The latest newsletter from Network Rail

25th July

A fact sheet issued by Network Rail
A map and timetable of the ongoing works in Box and environs

6th July 2015

A letter sent to residents of BOX in the vicinity of the railway line including relevant dates of working
The latest edition of Network Rail's newsletter

Please find below the link to the Great Western Route Modernisation Project and the one to the F.G.W. with the current details of the train services alterations during the works around Bath this summer.


I would really appreciate if you could link back to our website from your webpage


Thank you very much.

Best wishes,

Gabriela Stanciu

Communication and Stakeholders Engagement Officer

Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire

Great Western Route Modernisation

Network Rail | SN1 Building | Station Road | Swindon SN1 1DG

T: 01793 699 200

M: 07850 405 974

E: gabriela.stanciu@networkrail.co.uk

(posted by Box website editor on the 7th May 1015)


NEW !  on 28th January 2015)

Great Western Route Modernisation Electrification Programme December 2014 – January 2015.

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20th November 2014 - An interesting newsletter received from Network Rail can be read < HERE >  (a two page PDF file)

As many of you know, the railway line from Paddington to Bristol is to become electrified sometime in 2015.  This means there will be a lot of activity in our area as NETWORK RAIL will have to install tall gantries at regular intervals along the line along with other associated engineering work.

This will prove challenging, particularly in respect of Brunel's road bridges and of course the world famous tunnel.

Network Rail attended a meeting of Box Parish Council  in August 2014 and gave a presentation through a series of slides.  Obviously we can't show you what they actually said, but we can show you the slides that they gave the presentation from!

They are shown here in the order that they showed the council.

The slides don't transfer easily to the webpage, but you get the drift.

Some slides don't refer to Box either, but they are left out of general interest!

Hope that helps....

Mike Lyons - Website editor

•Key Objectives
•Respect the sensitivity of the Great Western Railway
•Respect residents, businesses and all stakeholders impacted by the project – work closely with Wiltshire Council
•Achieve the necessary electrical clearances and safety requirements to protect the Public from OLE in ways that minimise the physical and visual impacts on sensitive listed structures 
•Careful consideration of the location of the OLE equipment on listed structures such as Chippenham viaduct.