The Parish Council
organises regular guided
footpath walks,
usually on the last Saturday of the month.
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View of Box Valley looking west

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Proposed Footpath walks in BOX

For details of forthcoming walks go to Parish Council news and/or Parish diary

AND  you can see 'Cotswold Warden' led local walks   ..HERE..    for the current month

In the Parish of Box there are over 90 recognised rights of way, many dating back several centuries. A high proportion of these footpaths and bridleways were made by people to get to and from work or to take farm produce from the fields to storage or to the mills for grinding, consequently often taking the shortest route. Nowadays the paths and bridleways are used for pleasure only. At all times, walkers and riders are required to keep to the path and avoid damage to crops. Dogs must be kept under control.

A map of footpaths and bridleways is available from 'Stop Press' newsagents in the village, OR the Council offices - price 1.  OR you can download it from this website as a PDF file (563Kb), which will display as a complete picture on your screen.
The actual size of the map is at least A3!  However, you CAN zoom in on your computer to provide greater detail.
Using the facilities on offer with your PDF reader it is possible to print off any sections you select.   Click < HERE > to download it.

Dogs and stiles
Landowners are not required to make stiles accessible to dogs, and may place netting across the stile frame to help keep their livestock in. Sometimes a landowner might provide a dog gate or latch beside or under the stile; however, this is entirely at the landowner's discretion

Box Common
The first record of the common dates back to the early 1600s when it belonged to the Hazelbury Manor Estate. From this time the local people have had the right to graze their cattle here and collect firewood. The land was bought in 1978 by the Parish Council who manage it on behalf of the people of Box. The common is now mainly used for recreation and nature study. Please help to preserve it for future generations by not damaging or picking the plants and be sure to leave no litter.


on the use of the COUNTRYSIDE
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