Box PEOPLE of the Month
November 2018

A year of change at Box Surgery


Regular visitors to Box Surgery were alarmed earlier this year to be faced with this message on the display console:

After 34 years of working at Box Surgery Dr Kevin Gruffydd-Jones
will be retiring from the practice at the end of May 2018 …

… Dr Sue Walker retired in March 2018 after 26 years at Box …

… Dr Hannah Leyden left the partnership in February 2018 …

The notice also gave news of new doctors joining the practice but this information was over-shadowed by a sense of impending loss at the departures. Box Parish Magazine believes that its readers need some more positive information! And so here we tell you about the new doctors who are going to be looking after us in the years to come. All four of them commented on the warm welcome they received from staff and patients and are very happy to be here with us.

Dr Jonathan Brown

Dr Brown first made an appearance in Box about six years ago when he was training. He was supervised by Dr Andrew Girdher, who is now senior partner. He comes from Bristol and studied for his medical degree at Newcastle on Tyne. When it was time to decide on his specialism, he wanted to become a GP and joined the Bath GP Training Scheme. He and his wife wanted to settle in the West Country. The training involved working in the RUH Bath in ENT, A & E, Stroke centre and Obstetrics and Gynaecology, as well as spending time in various GP practices in the region.

Dr Brown lives in Bristol with his wife, a dance teacher, and his two dogs – Leo and Henry. He loves walking in the Brecon Beacons on his time off work and his wife says his sense of musical rhythm is not at all bad (for a man!). He very much enjoys working in Box and has been made welcome by the team and the patients.

Dr Angela Fan

Dr Fan joined Box surgery in December 2017 after completing her GP training course, mostly in Taunton and Yeovil. Her medical degree was taken at Southampton University. She grew up in Swindon, where her Dad was a GP. She is recently married and her husband is completing his training as a psychiatrist. They have set up home just outside of Bath. In her spare time Dr Fan loves exercise, especially running. She is also a trained classical singer and although she says she is not up to professional standard –she has performed at friends’ weddings and maintains a keen interest in music. Dr Fan and her husband used to have a lovely pet rabbit until they realised that her husband’s inflamed eyes might be caused by an allergic reaction to the little animal! You will be happy to know that the bunny is enjoying an extended ‘holiday’ with Dr Fan’s parents.

Dr Nick Ashley

Dr Ashley, first became aware of Box Surgery when he worked for the Wiltshire out of hours service. Dr Hannah Leyden worked there (and still does) and she told him about Box. He joined the practice as a locum in January 2018 and was successful in obtaining a permanent position. He works at the practice two days a week and is still involved in the out of hours service for the rest of the week. Dr Ashley grew up in Essex and studied medicine at Warwick University, where he met his wife Hannah. They came on a visit to Bath and fell in love with the area – an experience no doubt shared by many of us. They have settled near Chippenham and now have a good circle of friends. Days off are spent socialising and improving their fitness through playing squash and gym visits. Dr Ashley is loving being at our surgery – the patients are welcoming and the team, as well as being expert and efficient, great fun to be with.

Dr Deborah Flather

Dr Flather has only been at Box Surgery for a few weeks, after working at Calne for three years. She studied medicine at Bristol University as a mature student. She and her husband met and married while young. She comes from a military family which moved around every two years. Her husband was also in the army and for the first ten years or so they spent very little time in one place. Eventually they settled in Colerne and fell in love with the area. As soon as they could, they bought a house in Corsham, which is now home. Their children went to Corsham School. Their daughter is now in the RAF and the son training as a medic. Dr Flather feels that having her children when she was young gave her the best of both worlds – she was able to stay at home when they were small, yet still be young enough herself to commit fully to her studies as they grew older.  Due to the peripatetic nature of her upbringing nowhere felt like ‘home’. But the first time she came to Corsham, a peacock was strolling down the High Street and this was enough to convince her that ‘home’ was going to be here. In her free time, she runs and spends hours with her husband walking in our lovely countryside. Where else could be better?

               Sue Cook