200 Club 2019 Hopefully by now the outstanding 26 tickets – as at last month – will have been renewed. If not, members are asked to expedite renewal please so that I can arrange this year’s draws. Any organisation wishing to draw the numbers – in any month – is invited to do so. Please contact me on 811924 to arrange. 

Recycling A large amount of cardboard, glass/plastics, paper – all of which can be recycled – is too often disposed of as rubbish in the Selwyn Hall. Such material, rightly brought to the Hall for an event, can surely be taken back home as empties and disposed for recycling? Currently  it is thoughtless of many hirers to ignore what we all know is a desirable process of recycling waste. Cooperation to overcome this issue will be much appreciated. 

Working committee 2019  I am grateful for the voluntary and unpaid hard work last year by the Selwyn Hall working committee: Geoff Holstead, Deputy chairman / Maintenance responsibilities; Alan Clench,Treasurer, and Louise  Anderson, Bookings Secretary. My sincere thanks to them and for agreeing to continue in their posts for another year. Meanwhile, I shall continue as Chairman & Secretary!





by Tudor Jones