Property used and left on the premises is entirely at the owners’ risk. The Selwyn Hall Management Committee will accept no responsibility as to loss or damage and would urge that such property bears the owner’s identity and, ideally, is taken home at the end of an event. Currently there are items on the premises the owner(s) of which is/are unknown. The planned trawling of non-identifiable property could, therefore, result in its disposal. 

200Club 2019 has a ‘full house’ thanks to all supporters. Prize money remains the same:- first number drawn wins £20, the next 6 each win £15 (£110 pm). To curtail overheads the winning cheques will be hand delivered where possible and in recycled envelopes. Currently, posting 7 cheques each month costs £4.06 thus £48.72 per annum plus the 5 annual draw winners at £2.90 – total postage £51.62! Added to that will be postage for renewals 2020.

200Club winners 2019  Jan - £20 P Shawwa (052) £15 B Carr (044) J Eyre (047) Box GIG (092) P Turner (097) J Hobbs (100) N Krikorian (145) Feb - £20 Gardening Club (200) £15 C Tarling (016) P Bennett (049) B Walton (062) J Browning (144) R Smith (187) R F Bond (188). Numbers drawn by Box Luncheon Club members. Winners’ names are re-introduced because no-one has recorded objection. 

Personal  My sincere thanks to everyone for their condolences on  the death of my wife Catherine on 13th February. Your support and friendship much appreciated.





by Tudor Jones