Management trustees The Constitution of the Selwyn Hall states that Ďeach village organisation using the hallí is allowed to nominate a representative as a trustee of the Selwyn Hall. Currently the following organisations do have a trustee:- Art Group; Badminton Club; Box Parish Council; BoxLea WI; Cancer Research UK; Ditteridge Church; Gardening Club; Gentlemenís Interest Group (GIG); Panache Cinema; 200 Club. The chairman, deputy chairman, secretary, treasurer and bookings secretary, who form the working committee, are also trustees.

I invite heads/leaders etc. of other organisations using the hall to nominate their trustee and to advise me please on (01225) 811924 or email of their nominee, whom I shall contact with further details.

Vacancy  A volunteer is required for the post of Membership Secretary of the 200 Club. For details please contact Robin Parry on 742800 or me on 811924.

200 Club Winners Apr  £20 - G van Praag (182): £15 - R Parry (003); N Burton (030); M Rousell (068); J Paffett (098); P Jones (121); Elizabethans (195).





by Tudor Jones