St. Thomas a Becket

(minister this month)


Hello and happy new year

Wow. Hasnít time flown? It seems like only yesterday we were in Advent preparing for the birth of Jesus and now here we are in January remembering the visit of the Magi from the East, bringing gifts that symbolised Jesusís future.

Recently I found myself searching for a parking spot for an evening meeting and finally found a place that felt a million miles away from where I was meant to be. As I got out in the pitch black, however, I looked upwards to see the sky and saw the stars shining above me. As I stared at the stars I began to see more and more. It was such a clear night and with the moon almost in its full glory the stars looked so bright. But there was one, one than seemed to shine brighter than the rest. It looked so special up there in the glittering heavens, I began to wonder if thatís how the visitors from the East had noticed the Jesus star.

It must have been such a special sight, to see it and to get a feeling deep within that you wanted to follow it. When I was a child, I heard people saying that if you followed a rainbow to the end you would find a pot of gold, but no one had ever found the end of the rainbow. I wonder if the Magiís friends and family told them a similar story: ĎDonít go. Itís just another starí, ĎHow do you know when itís really stopped?í The Magi were very brave to ignore the pressure to just consider it another star among millions and to set out to find what was at the end. It could have been a wild goose chase; they had no idea what would be found. And itís not as if the journey was like popping down to the local shops; it would have gone on for days, weeks and months and even years. But they found the end of the rainbow, they found the star, and although they provided their own gold they were rewarded with an even greater gift: Jesus.

As I stared up, it looked as if the star I had been watching was moving; I wondered if anyone else in the world would respond to a moving star in the same way as those Magi. Following the Jesus star doesnít necessarily mean that we have to leave our countries and travel miles across the world, but how many of us are open to the thought of allowing God to show us the way and following? Itís such an exciting and challenging adventure to follow God. Letís be brave this year and bring the gifts that we have and combine them with the gift of Jesus and watch and see how we can bring light to the world. I wish I could say that I saw a shooting star that night and I followed it. If I had followed this one I would have ended up at Bristol Airport and I would have missed my meeting!

So, at the beginning of 2019, let the journey of the Magi encourage you to follow the light that God provides to bring you to the place of wonder, hope and love.

God Bless.