This section enables you to read the minutes of the councilís various meetings
for the previous 12 months,
or thereabouts.
The clerk however keeps a paper copy for much longer than that.

All minutes are displayed in PDF format.
You will need a programme such as ADOBE READER to display it.

In the unlikely event you do 
not  have a PDF reader use your search engine or click the logo   > >

++ If you think that a listed report is MISSING or CORRUPT (it does happen!) contact us and we will rectify it.++

    To read the minutes -
click on committee title concerned and choose the relevant date

For a list of committee meeting dates for the current term - click
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We do our best to be prompt in the display of these minutes.  However, it does depend on time & persons being available in receiving and uploading details.

Your BROWSER settings need to be set correctly in order to see the

++ Minutes of the various committees will ONLY be published here AFTER they have been ratified at the following 'Full Council' meeting which is held on the last Thursday of the month. Therefore there could be a delay of up to four weeks for some committees.

Uploading takes place usually on the following Monday/Tuesday after FULL Council.
The minutes of FULL COUNCIL (& the planning meeting that precedes it) will be published a month later.