Box Hill Common can be found on the hill on the
south side of the beautiful ByBrook Valley

Lacy Wood is named after the generous landowner who gave the land to the parish council

" Box is fortunate to be located in the West
Wiltshire Green Belt and the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

In addition, Box Parish Council has over the years acquired open spaces for the enjoyment of its residents and others thereby preserving them for the future.

In this section of the website we concentrate on those four open spaces "

Box Hill Common - click for more information

Lacy Wood - click for more information

The Recreation Ground - click for more information

In the centre of the village
is our recreation ground
where people can take advantage
of the many facilities available

The Pound

A historical space intended for animals, now a place of repose for people !

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The Pound - click for more information