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The information in the green section below has now been superseded.
However, the links to documents etc. are still valid (I hope!)


The council has now produced a 28 page 'A5'  booklet which is now available in paper form and can be collected from the parish council office.

In addition, a copy of this booklet can be read/downloaded from this website as a PDF file by clicking  <<  HERE >>    The file is about 2.70mb in size and takes a little while to load onto your computer. Also for some reason it displays each page in two stages - photo then text !  Once loaded onto your screen it can be read, printed, saved etc.

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Mike Lyons ~ Editor
(1st August 2013)

The draft Box Parish Communities Plan has now been compiled and presented to the Parish Council at its meeting on the 28th  February 2013.


These conclusions were arrived at after volunteer councillors had carried out a number of consultations with local groups in the parish and naturally took into consideration the findings arrived at by an analysis of the 316 submitted questionnaires completed in November/December 2011.


To see this approved plan, which is a 15 page PDF file, please click << HERE >>

(don't be daunted by the size, it is generously spaced)
Once loaded onto your screen, it can be read, saved onto your computer or printed out.


It will also be showcased at a public meeting to held in the pavilion in Valens Terrace
on the 5th March.


Mike Lyons - Website Editor


This ' yellow ' section was published on the 1st March 2013


Below can be found the results and findings obtained from the questionnaires submitted
by respondents in the latter part of 2011.


Volunteers at the parish council have now collated all the questionnaires submitted by parishioners, both by handing in the paper version distributed to every household and those submitted electronically via this website.


So, the findings !


The statistics obtained have been put into TABLES.  Our interpretation of those statistics/tables is presented as a 'narrative' or findings.


The cost of distributing these findings, using paper, and delivered to every household would not be cost effective and arguably unjustifiable.


The questionnaires were rightly submitted anonymously.  Some 316 parishioners did this (18% of the total number of households in the parish).  If we knew who had completed the questionnaires, the possibility of sending the findings to those who did would be considered.


However, question 24 in the questionnaire asked  "Do you have access to the internet at home?"  The result was 78% stating that they did.  If we assume that even more have access elsewhere (such as at work), then the cost if  'delivering'  the results to over 80% of the community via this website is precisely NIL!

The findings can be found in the following locations :


Here on the parish website (see below)


Box Library (check the hours of opening)
(paper copy - not to be taken away)


Parish Council office (check the hours of opening)
 (paper copy - not to be taken away)


On this website you still have a number of choices !


1.        The findings are available in a 22 page 'PDF' format.  This is the 'full' version.

            You can download it and read it on your screen and if you wish, print it out yourself.

            < Click HERE for that >


2.        The opportunity to download, read, and print a copy of the original paper version of the


            < Click HERE for that  >


3.        Look at a file which enables you to read the narrative of the report, with the option of calling up the
           relevant table to see the actual breakdown of the figures.  This is not really printable.

           It involves a 'split-screen'.  The top half shows the findings narrative on all the subjects,
           the bottom half shows the relevant table (if requested by the viewer).

           < Click HERE to start >



Mike Lyons - Editor