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Box Parish Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications within this parish.
Copies of planning applications for properties within Box parish are sent to the council for its opinion.

These applications are discussed by the Planning Committee at meetings twice per month.
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These are PUBLIC meetings and anyone with an interest in a planning application is encouraged to attend.

A list of current applications is listed on committee agendas which can be found  < HERE >

The parish Council does NOT decide whether permission is granted or not !

The planning system (i.e. procedure that regulates construction, renovation, demolition etc of buildings) is the responsibility of UNITARY Wiltshire Council.


The large majority of planning applications are decided (refused or given consent) by a trained salaried planning officer employed by Wiltshire Council.

► However, local division members (i.e. the Wiltshire councillor in whose area the planning application site falls, can call applications to a Wiltshire County committee.  In our case that is either Cllr. Dr. Brian Mathew & Cllr. Ben Anderson.
    To check which one is responsible for which area, check Wiltshire Council's website (you will need a postcode of the address of the planning application)

    In addition, these councillors can be asked to 'call in' the application by
    a)  The applicant (if he believes the officer is about to REFUSE it) OR
    b)  Any other interested party such as an OBJECTOR or the parish council.

► In order that an application can be 'called in' by the Unitary member, there must be sound planning reasons for doing so.

► This request must be in writing on a proforma citing the relevant planning reasons why the application needs to be 'called in'.

► At the time of writing, there is a time limit of 21 days from publication of the weekly list to refer an
    application to committee.

► Some applications cannot be called-in ; e.g. tree applications, advertisements or certificate of

More information can be obtained from
Wiltshire Council at  www.wiltshire.gov.uk  ;  tel : 0300 456 0100
or www.onecouncilforwiltshire.co.uk